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The Mysterious Opacity Of Other Beings
Creative Direction, Film, Video, Production,
with Tobias Blickle, Chris Zimmermann, Jonny Thorpe, Raphaël Ajuelos,
December 2020

When a detached young man sees a moth buzzing around a light he starts studying the human nature through animals. Fish become white-collar workers while the protagonist still seeks his own counterpart.
What is it that everybody seems to be chasing in a world so incomprehensible?

Cast: Thilo Garus, Manfred Weigl, Yuuki Tang, Giulia Gallizzi, Salif Botz, Mateo Golisano, Maida Touagbere, Federico Brens

Director: Ferdinand Feldmann (STUDIO CNP)
Production: STUDIO CNP
Director of photography: Tobias Blickle
Executive producer: Christoph Schaller
Editor: Christian Zimmerman
Costume design: Nelson Heinemann
Production design: Marleen Johow
Hair/Make-up: Fritzi Feldmann, Andru Elias

Assistant camera: Philipp Rode
Gaffer: Barton Kirchmann
Steadicam: Felix Lang
Key grip: Moritz Dehler
Russian arm: Thomas Roim, Stephan Fischl
Animal wrangler: Barbara Obersojer
Set construction: Luca Werner, Santiago Loesslein

Colorist: Jonny Thorpe
Sound design / Mix: Raphaël Ajuelos

Poems „Everybody is a stranger now“ & „Conclusion“: Monty Richthofen