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Creative Direction, Film, Video, Production,
with Commas, Jerry Sketo, Antonios Polykandriotis, Neil Ghose Balser,
April 2021

“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart“. When I first read these words by Italo Calvino they immediately formed a lasting impact on me.

I think there are certain moments in our youth where we felt to be completely light and careless, like we are in a flow. I don’t believe that these moments end when we are growing up. I believe from time to time we get a glimpse of them.

'Lupine' follows a group of three real-life friends on a sojourn unaccompanied by schedules and itineraries to the coastline of Rhodes. Featuring the actual conversations between the boys, I tried to take a documentary-like approach to capture honest moments. I was surprised how much it helped to spent more time together then the actual shooting days so that we had the chance to built a real connection and I could slip into the role of the observer. We ended this trip with new friendships made.

As an anecdote of life, I hope that ‘Lupine’ provides an insight into this moment of lightness that Calvino once wrote about.

Alexis Pashalis, Anton Leshchenko, Elvis Allarai
Directed by Luca Werner (STUDIO CNP)
Assisted by Antonios Polykandriotis
Production Jerry Sketo
Executive Production STUDIO CNP
Editors Luca Werner, Ferdinand Feldmann
Sound Direction Neil Ghose Balser

Die Soloflote,
Vol. 1: Barock
G.Ph. Telemann:
Fantasie No. 7
in D major
Mirjam Nastasi

G.Ph. Telemann:
Fantasie No. 3
in D minor
Played by
Lea Kurmer,
mixed by
Severin Werner

Thank you
Richard Jarman
Emma Jarman
Yannis Henrion
Marietta Apuli
Myrto Tagari
Angeliki Tasiopoulou