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Lili Mikorey,
Art Direction, Publishing, Book,
with Photobookcafe London,
December 2023

“Ansprüche” is a collection of essays, poems and personal reflections of women and non-binary people around Germany as well as the UK, Korea, the USA and other countries, trying to explore what standards mean to us in a zine-like format. How they shape us and how we express them. How they stand in our way or how they build the grounds we stand on.

Curated by Lilian Mikorey the project was presented on 11.04. at Photobook Cafe, 4 Leonard Circus, London EC2A 4DQ @photobookcafe

The exhibition of the book and its contents were accompanied by works of photographer Cy Klock @cy.klock and artist Leo de Saint Séve @leodesaintseve


Contributors of “Ansprüche”: Heather Woodhouse, Aliza Halberstam, Enji, Lulu Wang, Prissilya Junewin, Julianna Patricia Varga, Hanno Dreyer, Laurianne Daphne Carl, Lilian Mikorey, Aya Zave Khalil, Katherina Götz, Valeria Forshayt, Libert Bauer, Hawîn Kay and Victoria Grim.