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Richard Calvocoressi & Georg Baselitz
Film, Video,
November 2023

In conjunction with the exhibition The Painter in His Bed, at Gagosian, New York, Georg Baselitz and Richard Calvocoressi discuss the motif of the stag in the artist’s newest paintings.

The exhibition shares its title with a panoramic 2022 canvas depicting four inverted stags in white on a black ground, their graphic intensity and the density of brushstrokes increasing from left to right. In conjunction with the exhibition, Baselitz discusses the motif of the stag in his newest paintings with Richard Calvocoressi in a video for “Gagosian Quarterly” (

This excerpt tours Baselitz’s studio in Ammersee, Germany, showing the works on view in the exhibition.

Artwork © Georg Baselitz #GeorgBaselitz; Video: STUDIO CNP @studiocnp
Music: Trecee @cceestudio