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Picture Three Shadows
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Film, Video, Production,
with Squama, Freck,
January 2023

Directed by Hanne Kaunicnik @kaunicnik @studiocnp

DOP: Lara Fritz @le.malie @studiocnp
Creative Direction: Maximilian Schachtner @maximilianschachtner
Production: Squama @squama.rec
Exec. Production: CNP @studiocnp Szecsanov Buki @bukicica
Glam Alice Daniela Kister @alicedanielakister
Casting: Hanne Kaunicnik @kaunicnik
Edit: Lara Fritz @le.malie
Colourist: Lara Fritz @le.malie
Styling: Laura Fries @laurapommes and Carolin Schreck @carolin.schreck at FRECK @friesundschreck

Costumes handmade by FRECK @friesundschreck, as well as pieces by Gucci @gucci via Nightboutique @nightboutique_vintage_archive, Lokidolor @lokidolor, Naomi Tarazi @naomi.tarazi

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.