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Bayerisches Junior Ballett,
10 Years Anniversary Campaign
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production,
with Terence Kohler,
March 2021

Produced entirely remotely the Bayerisches Junior Ballett's 10 Years Anniversary campaign is connecting the dancers’ unique personalities across different locations and scenarios. Instructed from afar the dancers filmed themselves and responded to a series of questions through improvised movement creating an installation-like film that expresses the role that dance plays in their lives today.

Luiza Bertho (Amsterdam), Eloise Sacilotto (Berlin), Florian Sollfrank (Munich), Severin Brunhuber (Munich), Isidora Marković (Wiesbaden/Darmstadt), Nicholas Losada (Munich), Elisa Mestres (Munich), Sinthia Liz (Vienna) & Jacopo Bellussi (Hamburg)

Directed by Anne Gryczka (STUDIO CNP)
Creative Direction & Production STUDIO CNP
Music Simon Lovermann